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We at T. R. S. Industries Inc are dedicated to providing you with the best tarp repair services, electric roll tarp systems, and replacement roll tarps. Backed with 25 years of solid experience in the business, we guarantee only the best service in Fargo, ND and the upper Midwest. There is no one else to consider when it comes to tarps.

Tarp Repair Service - Fargo, ND - T. R. S. Industries Inc

Learn More About T. R. S. Industries Inc:

  • Tarp repair service
  • Truck
  • Boat
  • Canvas
  • Heatweld
  • Sewing
  • Patching
  • Custom boat covers
  • New and used tarps
  • Manufacturers of new tarps
  • Custom covers for anything
  • Roll-Rite electric roll tarp systems
  • Semi-trucks
  • Farm equipment
  • Electric grain door openers
  • Complete line of parts inventory
  • Light weight top tarps
  • Lumber tarps
  • Tarps of all sizes and colors
  • Replacement roll tarps

For a complete line of products and services, visit us at www.trsindustries.com.

Contact T. R. S. Industries Inc today at 701-277-1749 for all of your Fargo, ND tarp needs. You may also call us at 800-246-1749.

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T.R.S. Industries Inc
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